SKU: GB-NE6640
  • Light source: 500 lumen COB LED
  • Smooth regulation of lighting power
  • High: 500 lumens, working time 4.5 hours, range 37 meters
  • Red: 45 lumens, operating time 8 hours, range 17 meters
  • Emergency red: working time 40 hours
  • Anodized aircraft grade aluminum
  • Resistant to water and falls from height
  • Switch at the top of the housing
  • Magnetic base
  • Housing-folding clip
  • Power supply: 18650 lithium-ion battery (supplied)
  • Two chargers, one portable, one stationary
  • Length: 196 mm
  • Diameter: 23 / 30 mm
  • Weight: 218 g (with battery)
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BIG Larry® PRO is the development version of the previous Larry® torch and NEBO’s engineers have made it even more practical. The Larry® flashlights are actually compact workshop lamps with an elongated COB LED. It has 3 modes of lighting in white and red.

COB (Chip On Board) is a LED technology in which small, densely packed chips work together as one lighting module. COB is characterized by a high density light flux, up to 50 times higher than traditional lighting. Its light is evenly distributed and the light stream is not pointing.

The flashlight is a great choice for workshops and toolboxes. The magnet on the bottom nut holds firmly on to metal surfaces, making it easy to tinker with the car under the hood in the dark. Foldable clip for fastening to the belt.

This model uses a stronger 500-lumen LED. The operating time in the strongest light mode has not changed compared to the BIG Larry® because of the high-performance lithium-ion battery model 18650. 18650 cells have higher voltages and significantly higher capacity.

NEBO provides you with everything you need to use it. The above mentioned battery and two chargers for it. Both allow you to charge the battery without pulling it out of the flashlight by connecting it to your laptop or smartphone charger.

This model is activated by a switch on the top of the housing. The longer hold allows you to smoothly adjust the light output.