About Us



A third generation company. Our Businesses were established in Karachi by my father on migration from Ferozpur, India, to Gojra Punjab, Pakistan. He started selling fruit on a cart when he was 10, he arrived in Karachi in 1955 and his extreme hard work, dedication and fairness in dealing, made him into one of the leading traders in Karachi: from sugar imports, trading to ship breaking at Gadani: from Construction to Exporting Garments to the US and Europe: from Rice trading to Manufacturing of wheat flour: Hand knotted Rugs and Carpets and from a takeaway restaurant to Brand Retailing, online.


Gentlemen Basics shall provide a platform for Men and for the Women in their lives, with all the basics they need; setup in collaboration with years of experience in the branded industry. We have a team of specialized personnel handpicking, arranging only the best products available. It is and has been our endeavor to offer quality products, passing the strictest of scrutiny from our perspective as well as our clients.


To help our client find the perfect product, that compliments the user, keeping in view their likings, and their comfort whilst making sure that it is delivered at their door step without any hassles, complimented with unparalleled customer service, to which we strive on.
So happy shopping.

Muhammad Tayyab

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